SOL #1- The Name

“It looks like Miss Mae Strap!!!” I tell her as she helps me set up my very first blog!

“Yea, it doesn’t CAPS the letters,” she replies.

We laugh out loud the way great friends do.

I can’t believe she talked me into it as I was specifically walking in to “chicken out.” But I trust her, so here goes.

My name is MissMaestraP NOT MissMaeStrap.

I am a Miss. I am a teacher. I like how it looks in front of my last name and how it sounds when my students use it. I wear my Miss proudly. Its a reminder of everything that has brought me where I am. I love being a Miss, I love being a teacher.

I am a Maestra. I am a Latina teacher. The word Latina carries my culture, my family, my values, my passions, and my role in social change and justice. I love being Maestra, I love being a Latina teacher.

The P stands for the first initial in my name.

My name is MissMaestraP NOT MissMaeStrap.

5 thoughts on “SOL #1- The Name

  1. I love this. Patty, this was such a witty post. I found it absolutely charming. Also, I had to look at it three times to see Miss Mae Strap. I guess you are Miss Maestra P to me!! 🙂


  2. Names are so important. Mine has always been said wrong. I make sure to say everyone’s name correctly, or learn how to say it. I know some of my students have just called me Miss Uh. If I can learn your name, you can certainly learn mine – it’s important for our working relationship! Funny post!


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