SOL # 18- Today

Today I felt good waking up a little earlier to go to the gym.

Today my family began meal prepping dinner for the week.

Today I snacked on wine, cheese, and crackers. Serious adulting moment!

Today I walked Fievel with my fiance to rent a movie.

Today I did laundry and didn’t forget was in the dryer!

Today I posted on my course discussion board and replied to at least 2 people.

Today I planned and prepped reading for the team.

Today I drank a lot of water.

Today I posted comments on my students work.

Today I assigned new seats and jobs for my students.

Today I created invitations and sent them out.

Today I caught up with my brother.

Today I went grocery shopping.

Today was pretty productive! So as I gather my things to get ready for tomorrow’s school day, I’m feeling pretty good about my Sunday.



SOL #17- Mini Light Bulbs

As I held the mini light bulb between my right index finger and my thumb I had a mini flash forward of getting shocked. I pull away a little bit, but then I keep going. Luis, my older brother, asked me to change the lights above his counter. The bulbs are tiny, about the size of a quarter so if I do get shocked (I probably won’t) it will be a tiny shock, I can handle that. As I got closer I knew Luis was standing near. He knows I have this irrational fear of getting an electric shock or I just don’t like to get eletrically shocked period.

A thought pops into my head and I say out loud to Luis, “You’re going to make a loud noise when I connect it aren’t you?”

He smiles and says, “I was, I so was!” as he laughs and walks away back to sanding the baseboards.

I laugh too because I know him and I know that he likes to mess with me in that silly way sometimes. I feel good in this familiarity, this “big brother-little sister” banter we have had going on since I was younger.

I push the mini light bulb in place, no shock.


SOL #16- 3:20 pm

I have a hard time leaving school at a reasonable time. It might be that hard work ethic that was instilled in me growing up, but I fear that I have become a bit of a workaholic. Actually, I know I am a bit of a workaholic. There’s just so much to do! I am sure many teachers feel this way. You’re at your desk packing up and then you get distracted by something you have been meaning to get to. This is going to sound bad but leaving work before 4pm just feels odd or lucky. In my mind I think, I could stay and cut those laminated sheets, I can plan or prep for next week, I can put away the books that have been sitting in the crate, I can wipe the countertops, I can organize my closet or desk, I can respond to my kids diaries, I can organize my guided reading plans, I can input data, I can hang up the student work I have been meaning to get to, I can file things away, I can print what needs printing, I can translate the assignments, I can organize my drive, I can apply for badges, I can assign new seats and jobs, I can tweet, I can, I can, I can. 

Please do not get me wrong, I LOVE my career and the day goes great, but once the bell rings I feel like I am sailing in a sea of I cans and I am having a hard time saying no and balancing my Miss Ramirez world with my Patty world. But not today. Today I left at 3:20 pm! Feeling proud I got home in time take Fievel for a nice long walk, was able to help make dinner, spent quality time with family at the dinner table, and watched a whole movie. My evening might not seem very eventful but it was to me.

I’m working on it everyone! Happy Friday!

SOL #15- Teachers get nosebleeds!?

My alarm goes off at 10:55 am, signaling that snack time is over.

“Friends clean up!” I tell my students. Then I feel something weird in my nose. Did I get up too quickly?

I go to the tissue box next to the trash can, just like I tell my kiddos to do when this happens. I really can’t even remember the last time I got a nosebleed! I try to play it off hoping that it’ll be over quickly, but the kids notice. Through the layers of tissues, I instruct my class to log on to Lexia while I take care of a nosebleed. They are surprised! I hear one of my boys ask his tablemates, “Teachers get nosebleeds?!?!”

I respond in that high pitched I’m pinching my nose voice, “Yea, anyone can get a nosebleed, the good thing is we know how to take care of them.” Outside I’m composed and chill but inside I’m trying to piece things together! How did this even happen?! Certainly a first in my teaching career.

SOL #14- Playlists

Before I began my commute home I browsed my Apple Music app for a playlist. I was in the mood for something with a lively beat. It’s 6:30pm and I just needed a little oomph of energy! I stumbled upon a playlist called “I miss the 00’s!” Sounds interesting, let’s do it!

The first song to play is Neyo’s So Sick. YAAASS!!! This is perfect! I know all the words, it’s a throwback, it has that beat, and I also cannot sing or lip sing this song without the dramatic facial expression and hand movements. Its just one of those jams. I smile and remember singing this song with my cousin when I was younger. We were pretty amazing at lip singing.

I raise the volume, settle in for the commute, and jam.


SOL #13- Ready for Bed

Lunch packed. PJ’s on. Teeth brushed. Wellness Wednesday clothes set for tomorrow (love Wellness Wednesday!).

As I am walking to my room I think of how warm my bed is going to be. I am thankful I have a warm bed on cold nights like this one. I look at my phone to make sure my alarms are set and then I see the time!!!

I’m awakened from my sluggish sleepy mood. THE BLOG, THE SOL!! I stop for a moment and rush to my bag to pull out my computer. What to write, what to write?! 

Blog Friends, I almost missed this one. Its been a good day but a busy one!! My bed calls me but I feel a great deal of commitment to this SOL challenge! I’ve made it this far without missing a day and I am actually really enjoying it!!

I can do this!

Hopefully, I can slice a little earlier tomorrow! 🙂